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I am a friend, comrades, a friend!
Yuri Gagarin’s first words upon returning to earth, to a woman and a girl near where his capsule landed. (12 April 1961) The woman asked: “Can it be that you have come from outer space?” to which Gagarin replied: "As a matter of fact, I have!"

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His situation at that moment was like that of a man standing above a terrible chasm when the ground has begun to break away, is already rocking and sliding, sways for the last time and falls, carrying him into the abyss, while the poor wretch has neither the strength nor the willpower to spring backwards or to turn his eyes away from the yawning gulf; the abyss draws him and at last he leaps into it of his own accord, hastening his own doom.
Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Double

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Henryk Rodakowski, Portrait of Miss Leonia Blühdorn (1871) (detail)

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Turquoise cup and saucer, Galley, 1995

roadtripdaydreams: Fantastic blog, mate! Just curious: If you had one year to do whatever you want, no limits - what would you do, how would you spend it?

I would most definitely spend it traveling! I don’t have an exact itinerary mapped out (yet) but I do have plenty of places in mind (Saint Petersburg!) and I think a year might be sufficient to visit quite a few and make the most of my visits. And I’d buy a ton of books from every place I visited.

Thank you for the compliment and for asking!